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First, please forgive me for bothering all of you will such a trivial matter,, but I don't know where else to turn.  Just last month I was doing some on-line research into the German infantrie in the Battle of Sambre.   I found a website with an English langauge translation of "Cours d'histoire militaire. La 5e armée française sur la Sambre : du 21 au 23 août 1914 / Lieutenant-Colonel Lestien,"


I remember that it was a type-script copy and the bibliographic citation from the title page, which I copied word for word in the false belief that it would be enough to find it again, was: "Lt. Col. Lestien, Higher School of War.  Military History Course.  The 5th French Army on the Sambre: From 21 to 23 August 1914, Defense Historical Service, 2013-294531, Bibliothèque nationale de France, April 11, 2013."  Evidently Lt. Col. Lestien was an instructor at the French "Higher School of War" and had poured over the original French documents at great length.  I was excited to find it because my French is non-existant and here was a source that offered enough detail to allow me to compare German accounts of the battle with French accounts in detail, in some cases minute by minute.  For example, I cited one passage that recounted the conflict between Gen. Verrier and Gen Sauret over responsibility for the Aiseau/Presles area and another passage that mentioned a French artillery barrage on "the Bellemotte farm."  Now I can't find the English language version of this course.  I've tried hundreds of google and bing searches on countless combinations of key words to no avail.  Any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Most gratefully yours -- Steve

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Hi Steve

Don't apologise. i too spend hours trying without success to find answers on google. Even the simplest things are behind the language barrier. 

I prefer to ask the Gents first...

best wishes


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