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Double OG III

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Thought I would share a group that I have brought into my collection, it is a double OG III  with both awards given 10 days apart and as you can see the numbers are almost 47,000 apart as well the higher numbered OG III was given first

The 1st OG III was in the first instance recommended for a OGPW 1 so a big down grade for some reason










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Not only it is a downgrade from OPWI but also a rare case of awarding two OGIII to the same person. 

Note, that the first citation you posted is describing the event in Dec 1944, and the second (downgrade) describes the events in Jan 1945. The corresponding award decrees came in a wrong sequence. January Award was awarded before the Decembee one (12Feb vs. 25Feb). 

I think the paperwork process failed this time. Probably in downgrade process they didnot pay attention, that he is currently awaiting approval for another OGIII. 

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