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Kaiserliche marine / Imperial German Navy tallies in wear

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Torpedo & Mine Service

Men of the Torpedo-Abteilung en Minenwesen dressed as seamen were issued cap tallies with gilt letters, but per A.C.O. of 12 April 1887 it was also ordered that they would be recognized by a red piping around the top of their hat and around their collar tabs.

The P.O.s Torpedomaat and Torpedo-Obermaat are to be recognized by white metal buttons, a red piping and a cap tally with silver letters.

On the white cap cover no coloured piping is worn. 


A nice hand coloured photo showing a seaman of the Torpedo Branch, wearing the cap tally TORPEDOBOOTS - HALBFLOTTILLE.


[1]              A.C.O. van 12-04-1887


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Like his British counterparts, the German sailor was a Jack of all trades.

Here we see a naval black smith's workshop of the Heavy Artillery in Flanders, in 1916.

The cap tally SCHWERE-KORPSARTILLERIE (introduced 15-05-1915) is visible.

The woorden shield reads "Kriegsjahr 1914.15.16  //  Schmiede  //  Schweren Korps Artillerie"

Later, two Naval Corps Heavy Artillery Regiments were formed, below a tally of the 1st Regiment (total length of the text = 42 cm!). Perhaps of interest to know that the Original owner of this tally served subsequently in the Marine-Artillerie of the Reichsmarine and the Kriegsmarine.





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Two photos from China (early 20th Century) showing men wearing the tally MATROSENARTILLERIE KIAUTSCHOU on the all white sailor's hat as worn in the Far East.



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Fantastic photos gentlemen.

Wish I had some to contribute. 

Best Regards,


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SMS Derfflinger 



Matr. Artillerie Abt. 


Kreuzer Hamburg (WW1?) 


Torpedoboots Halbflotille 


SMS Medus


SMS Natter 


Werft Division


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On 11/09/2017 at 14:31, Martin W said:

Torpedoboot Albatros.

Torpedoboot Albatros._final.jpg

Uhh ,poor matrose, two policemen as brothers in law

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