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I have just started adding IGSM to my collection as a result of a couple of WW1 groups that contain a IGSM and thought would share what I have acquired to date


  • Morley. H.H., Cpl, 8935, Somerset Light Infantry, Afghanistan 1919 (1914/15, BWM, VM, IGSM)
  • Bachanu. R., Rfmn, 4278, 1/39 Royal Garwahl Rifles, Afghanistan NWF 1919 (IGSM, BWM)


  • Ram. K, Sep, 388, 2/2 Punjabis Rgt, Wazirstan 1921 - 24
  • Pille. S., Sap, 7942, 3rd Sappers and Miners, Afghanistan  NWF 1919
  • Singh. D., Rfmn, 5791, 2nd Kashmir Rifles, Wazirstan 1921 - 24
  • George R.H., Dvr, 116993, Royal Field Artillery, Afghanistan NWF 1919
  • Singh. B, Sep, 10716, 2/13 Frontier Force Rifles, NWF 1930 - 31
  • Singh S. L/NK, 36415, 7th Mountain Battery, Artillery, NWF 1936 - 37
  • Nand. S., NK, 14862, Bengal Sappers and Miners, NWF 1936 - 37








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That is a very interesting collecting area.  Thank you for sharing with us.



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'B.C,' - 'before children' - I had a small medal collection, composed almost entirely of IGS medals to the Indian cavalry.  I still regret having disposed of them.  At the time they were dirt cheap, as they were deemed 'unresearchable' by most dealers and collectors, and I was lucky enough to pick up some very nice bars to units with interesting service.  Never got as far as going for one example of each bar, though that would be a long-time labour of love.

Thank you for sharing!

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