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This past winter.  He's a pretty good friend.  We made a trade that I told him was way too much in my favor.  He told me he wanted me to have this framed painting so there you are.  He is pretty famous and a number of people collect him so it's not like he has any trouble placing his paintings.  This one has a prominent place in our home.  So does the Guadalcanal painting.  He has done a LOT of Civil War and Old West paintings.  He's been featured on the cover of Old West and Civil War magazines several times.

Don has a cabinet of prints that he no longer bothers with.  Three are hanging in our home.  I have many of them on a thumb drive.  Maybe I should share them here, too.  They are also for sale way too cheap because he just got bored with prints.

I appreciate the chance to share his art here.

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Well worth a look at Don's artwork. His studio/home is both an amazing gallery and excellent military collection. Not too much US Civil War hereabouts so would be great to see some of that as well. 

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