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Need some help regarding a Dutch artillerie manuscript in 8 volumes

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Hello all,

latest find are this books I found at a Belgian auction house.

To me it seems like a attempt to groupe the greatest part of information that was published at that time, in one.

Most are translations  from English, French and German publications.

It is handwritten and comes with very nice illustrations.

There are 8 volumes, bound in leather, by a firm in Rotterdam, and it is late 19 th c.

They seemed to have been sold at one time for 835 (not sure about the currency...)

And no clue about the author, apparently named "S.B. Ostt" or something...

So it is open for discussion, would love to see what you think.

I will post more pic's, when ever I come by something relevant during my investigation.





Only allowed to post this pic's for the momment, more to come up asap.


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