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Order of the Red Banner-Czechoslovakia

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Probably the strange name for the order ,when we cannot see any flag in the design,but only a red enameled star with a smaller goldener one in the midlle.The title of the order is because of the red ribbon.Dimensions of the enameled star-45mm,gold one -23mm.The order was made from gilted silver,mark 925.

It was established in 8.2.1955 and was awarded for extraordinary activity in defence of the homeland but also  for the personal bravery in face of the enemy.Also foreigners were awarded with this order.About 500 deorations were bestowed,but I do not know the exact number.

There were two versions of the order.I have never seen the first type to 1960.Of course I have never had it in my collection ,too.Two orders I am showing in the topic are from my collection.Number 265 .General-lieutenant Josef Kováčík was awarded with this order in 1971.Prague Mint Zukov is a producer of the order.

Snímek1 002.jpg

Snímek1 003.jpg

Snímek1 004.jpg

Snímek1 001.jpg

Probably in the early 80ies of the 20th century,the production of the orders was moved to Kremnica.I also have the Kremnica Mint version,number 460.This order was awarded to Lieutenant-Colonel Ján Hanulík.Ján Hanulík was an extraordinary personality a main armourer in the 1st Czechoslovak Corps of General Svoboda.

I do not have very good photos of this order but I hope I will do them better when I make some topics-e.g.Military complets of Chechoslovak officers.




Snímek 008.jpg

Snímek 009.jpg

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