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IC II POW LIST Gefangenen EK Liste

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this weekend I was able to obtain a plain looking document, that the seller wasn´t able to decipher for little money.

As I hadn´t seen this before and as it might interest fellow collectors of Iron Cross documents I post this here.

It shows one reason, why some people got their IC /EK after the war. I didn´t know that there was something like a Kriegsgefangenen Liste for IC´s for soldiers later to be awarded the IC/EK.

Comments welcome.


                                                                                                                                Bielefeld, 2. April 1920


Unteroffizier Traugott Rahn gehörte im Felde der 1. Komp. des Res. Inf. Rgt 39 an. Während der harten Steinbruchkämpfe in Nähe der Haudromont Ferme vor Verdun im Mai des Jahres 1916 geriet er auf weit vorgeschobenem Unteroffizierposten mit dem überlebenden Teile seiner Gruppe nach tapferer Gegenwehr in französische Gefangenschaft.

Wegen seiner Tapferkeit vor dem Feind wurde er auf die vom Korpskommandeur bestätigte Gefangenen EKII Liste gesetzt.

Dieckmann, Lt. d. R.

ehemaliger Regimentsadjutant des Res. Inf. Rgt 39


                                                                                                                                Bielefeld, 2nd April 1920

NCO Traugott (trustGod) Rahn belonged to 1/RIR39 during the war. While engaged in fierce fighting at the quarry near Haudromont Ferme close to Verdun in May 1916 he became a POW of the French after valiant resistance while on far advanced NCO post with the surviving men of his group.

Because of valiant action in the face of the enemy he was put on the POW Iron Cross List for the ICII as approved by the Corps Commander.

Dieckmann Lt. d.R.

former regimental adjutant RIR 39




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I've never seen one like this, rarely do we know the reason for the awarding of an EK2 as well. Interesting document!

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I assume they were approved awards to be handed out when the POW was repatriated. I have had a number of groups where a POW recieved his EK upon returning to Germany.




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Hi Chris,

that´s what I think, too.

Thank you both for your comments!


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