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Spanish Legion Chapiri

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Hello Gents, I'm new to the forum and I'm looking forward to gaining some knowledge on some recent Spanish items I have begun collecting. I generally collect WWII German artifacts but have recently branched out into the Spanish civil war and other Franco era items. The latest addition to my collection is this beautiful Spanish Legion cap.  It's construction is similar to a  civil war era Falange forage cap I have in my collection in that it's made of a felt or some type of lightweight wool material. The embroidered emblem depicts a Battle Axe with a Cross Bow and Musket type pistol over a Crown. It's missing a chinstrap which I believe would be attached by buttons on the side as in it's modern day equivalent. There is an ink stamp on the band but unfortunately I can't read it. I believe it to be civil war period but it may date later in to the 1940's. Any forum member that may have a better idea of it's age, please feel free to post your opinion.




Some more photo's





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Here is a photo of the cap with some other contemporary items


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Hello Aldo, your "chapiri" ,that is the name of one of the legionarie cap, the most known, is from the period 1927-1931(without chinstrap):


The answer is in the cap badge that is the only that have the crown in the middle, in the 1931 comes the II republic and the crown go out. Inteh civil war (1936) remains the same because on those times the "rebels" fight for the republic too, and afterwards has not be a real  monarchy in Spain. 

About the litle badge that have the "rojigualda" flag and the falange simbol, i bougth one identical to a door to door salesman in 1996 and is an actual badge model.

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