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Hallo everybody,

I'm new in the forum and I just started to collect war's medals.

I'm italianand here in Milan it's quite easy to find italians medal from WWI and WWII.

As I was in London last week I headed to Cecil's Court, ended up in a small shop and bought a George VI star medal from 1939/1945.

I know nothing about medals, I just paid 12£ for this one and this was a good reason itself to buy a charmy one.

Due to my lack of experience I'm not sure if the piece is authentic or not. The ribbon is in very well preserved, the medal is not attracted by magnets (if it can help).

So, I ask you experts to help me in understanding if the medal is areal and original one or if it's just a beautiful repro.

Mamy thanks and cheers from Milano..



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Looks perfectly good to me......

Official name:   The 1939-1945 Star......

Now all you have to do is get the other 8 stars to make a complete set.......

  1. 1939-45 
  2. Atlantic 
  3. Arctic (a new one)
  4. Air Crew Europe
  5. Africa 
  6. Pacific
  7. Burma
  8. Italy 
  9. France and Germany 

Take a look here:    http://www.rogersstudy.co.uk/medals/ww2_stars/stars.html


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QSAMIKE... thanks for quick and prompt reply to my post.

Glad to know my medal is authentic, I look forward to complete the whole serie.

Ciao from Italy,


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Hi Yes it's genuine, these are my examples, the most difficult and expensive one to collect is the Aircrew Europe star, (Far right, top row), this is heavily faked, (some quite good), the latest addition is the Arctic star, bottom row, second left, this I suspect is a wearers copy, but possibly useful for display purposes




Alex K

B 1.12 39-45 stars copy.JPG

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