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Hallo everybody!

Here's a medal found in a small shop in Cecil's Court, London.

I'd wish to know your opinion about this, and to find out if it's an authentic one...

I just paid 12£ pounds for it, wich is not too much -on ebay you'd pay about 25/30£ for a real one- so this is quite cheap, I thought. The medals attracts magnets but, on reverse side, I cannot read any producer's markers at all.

Thans to those willing to help me.

Thanks and a big CIAO from Italy to all forumers...

P_20170815_212651-min (1).jpg

P_20170815_212700-min (1).jpg

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Dear Fontana Enrica

Although I think that 12 pounds is a bit much, you don't see it often on a austrian trifold ribbon. Nice addition.

Kind regards Laurentius

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