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Thanks for watching.

A few years ago, i got this nice parade mounted Frackbar but ... no name :(

What do we know?

The earliest time the bar was made is late 1916 (here i would bet 1917) because of the war aid cross.

He also got the Oldenburg houseorder 2nd class with crown, the Oldenburg FA-cross for

non combatants and the bavarian Ludwigscross - here we have the magnetic iron version.

If i am right the blackened iron pieces were early ones, so he got it may be in 1916 or 17

Seems that he got the non combatanat  IC after 1918 - it`s a single mounted one ("pentagonales Band")

They were awarded till the earlies 1920s.

What about the HO?

Was the 2nd class with crown founded in 1905?

I think my piece was made by Knauer Oldenburg.

Are there rolls out there?

ImO the owner of that bar must have been a civil guy may be a Fabrikant, priest, medic or a higher official`s rank.

He was a prussian.

Thanks for reply.








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