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Hi, I am new to this site! 

My name is Rachel and I am researching my G.G Uncle who died in ww1 at Gallipoli. I have been fascinated by him since I was a teenager and am writing a little book about his journey for my family. This is what I know so far:

He was underage and enlisted at Wood Green in 1915 at only 14 years old. 

He served with 1st Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers.

He died at Gallipoli on 08/08/15.

I am reading a lot of books at the moment about WW1 but wondered if anyone could help me with a few questions?

1. He enlisted at Wood Green in London. How would he have become part of the RDF? 

2. Is there somewhere I can look for photos of the 1st Battalion? I have only really just begun searching and see there is a lot of information but wondered if anyone has any specific sites they can point me to?

3. He was a Private - what would his uniform have been? I think he may be in this photograph as I have another photo of him which bares a resemblance but my Dad tells me he is wearing the wrong hat. 

4. I notice that some of you have medals - would these have the soldiers names on them? Have they been passed down through your family or have you tracked them down? 

Thanks for any help! 



Screenshot 2017-08-22 18.19.11.png


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Hello Rachel,

Let me start by saying welcome to the Forum and I will try to cover a few points you have raised.

Regarding Medals, during World War 1 British issued medals were named with the Recipients details either on the reverse in the case of the 14/15 Star or around the rim on the British War Medal and Victory Medal. Each recipient also had something called a Medal Index Card which recorded Name, Rank, Corps, Regimental Number, Medals that were entitled and their relevant Roll, Theatre of War first served in, Date of entry therein, Remarks and Correspondence.

In the case of your GG Uncle his Medal index card shows that he was entitled to the 1915 Star Roll B/7b Page 465 and the British War and Victory Medals Roll B/101b6 Page 465. It also shows that he entered Theatre of War (2b) Balkans on 2nd July 1915 and was presumed Dead 8th August 1915. On the Medal Rolls there is a column which has three options regarding the Medals, a, Presented, b, Despatched by Post or c,Taken into Stock and in this case the column has been left blank. It is highly likely therefore that your GG Uncles medals are out there somewhere, check with other relatives if you do not have them or you can place an advert in the Medal News Magazine, Medal Tracker service for information on their whereabouts.

He is also commemorated on page 147 of Irish Casualties of World War 1 with a small paragraph which gives no other information except for stating he was born in New Southgate, Middlesex.

There is also a Document available which is titled Army Registers of Soldiers Effects, 1901 - 1929 with an entry for him dated February 1917 in Dublin which states that your GG Uncle had £2 18s 5d in Credits and that on 22nd March 1917 authourisation was given to pay these to his Father Alfred in full. Then on 4th October 1918 a further £3 was paid.

All of these Documents are available on line via Ancestry UK should you wish to view them.

To assist you further with your research I would recommend that you take a look at this site 


Which covers virtually every aspect of World War 1 research for both individuals and their Units.

This Site may also help 


This may also be of interest as it gives an over view of Operation in Gallipoli for his Unit


As to the photograph shown imho they are Officers and so would not show your GG Uncle.

Best regards and good luck with your write up, if I discover anything else of relevance to this Brave Man I will let you know.



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Simon, thanks for taking the time to provide such a complete answer for Rachel!  One of the reasaons, I think, why some of us deserve the 'Gentlemen' moniker.

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Hi Simon, 

Wow, thank you so very much for the time you have taken to research and reply to me. I'll take a look at everything you have sent to me. Am currently adding all the details to medal tracker and have also been looking on eBay. I like a treasure hunt so this will keep me busy over the next few months/years! 

I'll let you know if I find them.

Thank you from the bottom of heart, and yes such a gentleman. 


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My pleasure,

I failed to mention that there should also be a Plaque commemorating him, hopefully with the medals still.

I have also listed his details on the British Medal Forum website asking for any details on the whereabouts of the medals. Will let you know if anything turns up.

Regards Simon

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:) You are amazing, thank you! I've emailed my Nana the medal card and asked if she ever saw them when she was a little girl or knows where they might be. I don't know the circumstances in detail but apparently Ernest ran away from home and enlisted after an argument with Alfred, his dad (maybe about signing up I don't know). So I don't know how if the medals were given to his parents. It's quite a sad story really and my G.G.Grandmother was heartbroken. I'd love to find them and give them to my Nana. Here's hoping!

I think I'll head to the British Archives and see if they can help too. They may have more information about what happened. 

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