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            I bought a bronze star medal few month ago,its my first USA medal,and I want to know its version ,production,date of manufacture and so on,thank you!

Aad  this medal Engraved a name"Thomase E.Davern",anyone who have this person‘s information?







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If it was anything higher than a BSM it would be easier to research.  One thing you might try is to look up the name on "find a grave".  It is not likely the man is living.  Most of the vets are in their 90s

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On 2017/8/26 at 21:51, peter monahan said:

Unfortunately it is not simple to research a veteran from WWII.  here is the e-dress of the National Archives, but apparently one needs to know from which state the veteran came to make much progress. :(

Good luck.

thank you, I found the info

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On August 25, 2017 at 05:44, Megan said:

That's the style awarded during WW2.

Late WW2 to be precise too, the BS Case like this one is typical Late WW2-Post WW2 issue with the steel reinforcement plates in the top and bottom of the case. The Ribbon Bar looks to be post WW2 issue as does the lapel badge. The engraving is commercially done and well executed IMO (typical 1940's style as well, looks like it could be from an ad agency with that kind of kilter and font). 

I did find an Obituary for a Master Sgt. Thomas E. Davern of San Antonio, Texas who served in WW2, Korea and Vietnam. He was born in 1920 and passed away in 2009. The timeline for an award like this certainly could be possible, especially if he was a triple war veteran, the Oak Leaf cluster on a BSM is not uncommon for lifers. He is buried in Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery. 

Nice medal! 





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