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Afghanistan Medal 1878-80 : Pte Khyroodeen, 28th Bombay Infantry

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I have recently obtained a worn Afghanistan Medal 1878-80 , claps Kabul to "PTE Khyroodeen, 28th Bombay Infantry".

He may have also been entitled to a Kabul to Kandahar Star 1880, however British Battles & Medals make no reference to the unit, but other sources make reference to the unit being at Kandahar. Of course if he was present he would have been entitled to the Kandahar clasp to the medal as well. Perhaps if there is no clasp then he was not there and thus not entitled to the Kabul to Kandahar Star.

My field of expertise is Arab world so this is all somewhat new to me. Any thoughts / suggestions?




Kabul Obverse.jpg

Kabul Reverse.jpg

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My only comment is somewhat negative: all of the editions of Gordon are deficient in their listing of Indian units present at various battles/on various campaigns. :( 

A friend, co-founder of the Indian Military History Society at one point generated a list of at least some of the ommissions, but that was several decades ago now and I have no idea whether or not it still exists.  If you have information from other sources that the 28th Bombay were at Kandahar, I'd go with that!


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Many thanks - I would concur. I believe the Medal Rolls are for both the Medal and Star are at the British Library - a task when I am next on leave from Saudi.. Again thank you.



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