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Maj. D. P. Sommerville - research help

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Hi all -- I am trying to learn about Donald Passmore Sommerville who servied with the Royal Scots from 1953 through at least 1979.  I've found him in what resources I have available online - the Gazette which details his promotions and the 1966 Army List.

I would like to request more records and learn which unit he served with in Korea (I would assume the 1st Royal Scots) and what he did later.  I have his battle dress blouse which is partially complete and has the 1st R.S. tartan and Korea/UN medal ribbons.  I can see where the rank of Major was removed from the shoulder straps, R.S. collar insignia once was, and where the Lowland Brigade patch was beneath the R.S. tartan.

It would be nice if he was still alive, but I have no idea how to find him as I am still new to researching veterans of the U.K.  I believe he was born in 1934 and married in 1960 to Elizabeth Capel, both events in England, though, so I'm not 100% sure it is him if he served with the Royal Scots in the T.A.

I'd either like to write to him if he is alive or request his service records with permission from next of kin or if he passes over 25 years ago I suppose they will release the information I need.  But, I can find no record of his death or residence.



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Your Man is shown on the Ancestry UK file,  British Army Lists 1882 - 1962 and listed as Captain D.P. Somerville, The Royal Scots. Note only one M in the Surname which may assist with other searches you are conducting.  I see in your text above you have him the 1966 List so this File may contain other information. Unfortunately the record is a Fold 3 Image on Ancestry which I do not have access to, perhaps someone else on the Forum who does have access may be able to assist further.

Regards Simon

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Hi Simon - Thanks for the help!  Yes the 1966 list I was looking at is on Fold3, which I do have access to.

In the uniform his name is written with 2 Ms, though records show both one and two.  Here's some excerpts form the Gazette from 1954, 59, and 78 (79 I forget now that I clipped it).



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For reference, here is his uniform.  I am looking for the proper collar insignia to restore to it.  I created a new topic under the appropriate forum as I don't know which design is correct for the collar dogs.  I did photoshop the Major rank on as I need to find those as well along with the Lowland Brigade patch.



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