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Portrait of a German POW in Russian captivity

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Found this portrait at my local auction house.
Any additional information regarding this person would be greatly appreciated.
The portrait seems made in pencil, it was apparently folded at one time and also hanged on a wall; judging by the small holes at all corners.
It measures like +/- 12/18 cm.




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Without a rank, name and what service he was in I think this might be impossible to find out. The name in the bottom corner may be the person who drew it and not the person the picture is of. But even if the name shown is the man in the picture he might just of been one of the many thousands of unknown troops who served and left no footprint in history outside of their families. 


However, there is a Karl Wrobel listed in the Volksbund as dying in a Russian PoW camp in 1947. The dates on the reverse of the portrait might just relate to the spell in a particular camp before he was moved elsewhere. These are the details for that man:

Nachname: Wrobel

Vorname: Karl

Dienstgrad: Volkssturmmann

Geburtsdatum: 06.06.1908


Todes-/Vermisstendatum: 27.08.1947

Todes-/Vermisstenort: In d. Kgf. in Wysokij

Karl Wrobel ist vermutlich als unbekannter Soldat auf die Kriegsgräberstätte Charkow überführt worden.

Grablage: wahrscheinlich unter den Unbekannten

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