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the man on the front was a Bavarian officer and sculptor.

Maximilian Hippolyt Joseph, Graf von Courten

* München, 02.01.1892 † München, 22.04.1939

this photo was probably given to a nurse or a doctor after the death of the gentleman on the front.

it is dedicated by the sister of  Graf Max

The text transscribes as:

Zur Erinnerung an Ihre

selbstlose - aufopfernde

- verständnisvolle Pflege.

Die dankbare Schwester

Elisabeth Courten

Graf Max von Courten

gestorben  22. April 1939

in seinem 47. Lebensjahr



As a reminder/recognition  to your

unselfish - devotional

sympathetic care.

The thankful sister

Elisabeth Courten

Graf Max von Courten

died 22nd April 1939

in his 47th year.



PS: The uniform does not seem to be the usual Luftwaffen-Uniform. It doesn´t seem to be the uniform of the predecessor Deutscher Luftsportverband. Some specialist should know more.

If this were the usual Luftwaffen uiform the collar rank insignia would make him an Obergefreite.

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Really cool card Pegasus1831

Very nice indeed 



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