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BB&Co : Binder Brüder & Co., Lüdenscheid

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Four years ago our friend Auseklis from this Forum indicated that BB&Co of the Turkish War Medal stands for Binder Brüder & Co. from Lüdensheid. This Company was also mentioned amongst the German medal makers.

So far non of our friends from the Forum said anything about it. I would be glad to hear your opinions.

Also did German Companies used Co. for company and is the German sign for "and"  is "&" ?

Is it possible for our German friends to get in touch this Company and ask whether they ever produced TWMs.    http://www.gebr-binder.de/





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Dear Mr. Erman,

yes, once there was a discussion about who was the maker behind the marking "B. B. & Co." and the embarrassing guess that it could be the company that is working as "Gebrüder Binder GmbH" today. You asked who has proven it, right? I did! I called the managing director some time ago. I did it just for fun and for falsification of ALL collectors myths, because I knew that it's totally wrong! The company "Gebrüder Binder GmbH" was founded 30 years ago by one of the actual managing directors. This information should be enough. Also: There never was a company named "Gebrüder Binder & Co." in Lüdenscheid.

Mr. Erman, you also asked whether the Germans used the letter type of "&" and the abbreviation of "Co." in Company names. Yes, of course we did. We did this for a long time. Mainly and in extreme numbers from 1890 until the 1940s. After WWII the abbreviation of "Co." no longer was a official abbreviation in commercial law for company names here in Germany. If we find it in German company names today, it is only a part of an old companys tradition but not legally any more. "Co." don't mean "Company", it means "Compagnie". It's a Romance element in old German business language. In English it means "cronies", "business partners" or "other business owners". The letter type of "&" has a looooog tradition in German language, especially in commercial communication. In Germany it is even called the "Kaufmanns-Und".

For Emperor and Sultan! Sincerely


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Vom Gewerbeumfang gesehen, ist es die alte Bezeichnung einer GmbH & Co KG. (wenn ich unterstelle, das das eine deutsche Fertigungsstätte war) - die Bezeichnung gab es jedoch auch im Ausland.

BB & Co. is an still unknown official manufacturer of  EH.

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