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Another few K.A.R. WW1 Vic medals

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Hi Gents

just picked these up together

all battered and unloved...


Pte Dunuri 1KAR    (1527)

Pte Yuda 2KAR  (1193)(1163?)

Pte Kwinyimba 2KAR (5249)

L/C Simosya 2KAR. (118 ?)




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All from the Nyasaland battalions, it seems.  The KAR had a hard war in east Africa and anyone should be proud to have those poor unloved tokens of that!

The regiment fought in the East African Campaign against the German commander Paul Erich von Lettow-Vorbeck and his forces in German East Africa. Transport and support into the interior was provided by over 400,000 porters of the Carrier Corps.

By the end of the Great War the KAR comprised 1,193 British officers, 1,497 British NCOs and 30,658 Africans (33,348 total) in 22 battalions, including two made up of former German askaris, as noted above. 

KAR casualties in the First World War were 5,117 killed and wounded with another 3,039 dying from diseases. [Wiki]

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