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Soviet Partisan medal 2nd class

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Hello everybody,

Yesterday I was shown this soviet Partisan medal 2nd class.

I was told it is a genuine medal, but I'm afraid I have some doubts about it, although I do not consider myself expert in this field.

The lower part of the averse side of the medal doesn't seem quite right (as if the mould for the medal wasn't good or it was not shaped properly).

Could anyone please give me some advice referring to its authenticity?

Thank you very much in advance. :-)



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I have a bad feeling about this medal, but I wouldn't draw any conclusion from the posted pictures. Spots of oxidation on the brass are not uncommon, therefore I think this only observation is not sufficient to make an opinion. On the other end, I do not like the details of the ear of stalin, nor the profile of his nose. There are also other details which look odd, but they might be light effects in the photo. You should provide larger scans taken from the front. Please post also the reverse, if you can.

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