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Uffz. Rohleder

French Mini medal bar

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I got this mini medal bar today. Looks like a civilian to me.

1. Europe Cross

2. Encourage Public Commander

3. Encourage Public Knight

4. Belgium Order of the Crown - Golden Palms


Anyone know what are those Encourage Public Medals for? Anyway did anyone know who was eligible for such awards in common.


reverse - "selfmade"


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Posted (edited)

First 3 are 'private' awards, usually buy your own diploma and insignia.

See https://www.comitedentente.be/membres/confédération-européenne-des-anciens-combattants-c-e-a-c/,  https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Croix_du_combattant_de_l'Europe  and  https://www.encouragement-public.org/  and related sites for details.

Last is  an official BE award usually for long service.  Given substance of the first three, perhaps self-awarded.  .

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