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Is it a Japanese Red Cross Order of Merit Medal?

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Hi, I'm new to this forum so have a very basic question to ask. I've recently developed an interest in collecting war medals and have started with the Japanese ones because (a) they are cheap in comparison to others, and (b) I speak some Japanese and have visited there. In my flurry of bids on eBay I have picked up a medal that I knew was misnamed by the lister, and I got it cheaply. Cost less than the postage! The text on the box starts with "Hisaya daikoku dō" (ヒサヤ大黒堂)  which I can't determine a meaning for.  The ribbon is the Red Cross ribbon, and the medal is not unlike the Red Cross Order of Merit medals. The pictures are below. I look forward to your help.


hiyasadaitokudou 1.jpg

hiyasadaitokudou 2.jpg

hiyasadaitokudou 3.jpg

hiyasadaitokudou 4.jpg

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Thank you Nick; I was confused because I did see such a company when on yahoo.jp. I suspected that the medal wasn't real cause I paid about that. Still, it is very nicely made medal, and they have gone to a lot of effort.

arigotou gozaimashita!.

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I would have liked to learn when it was made, as the name of the award itself "Golden Kite Sacred Light Award" is a mocking parody of the Golden Kite, Sacred Treasure and Rising Sun Orders, something normally not tolerated during the 30s and 40s.

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