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Morar Andrei

What if the Romanian Army defended Bucharest in 1916, instead of abandoning it?

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It is known that in November 1916, the Romanian army and autorities retreated from the capital, instead of oposing resistance. It is said that it was caused by some building owners who didn't want any sort of street fight to happen because their proprieties could be destroyed. My questin is what if, instead of giving up, Bucharest was defended by the army and defended until the bitter end? How long could the fortifications arround the capital resist (remember that the battle of Verdun was already taking place by many mounths, and the french forts rezisted decently) to the german attacks, and most importantly, how much time could the romanian army win to organize a stronger defence on the south of Moldavia, many german forces being occupied to besiege Bucharest? Below, there are two of the 36 forts and gun emplacements sorrounding Bucharest, constructed under the rule if Carol I by a belgian architect who also worked at Namur and Liege, these fortifications having the role to defend the capital by a potential attack.



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