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Smith of Glasgow 1796P Sword Maker info sought please

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Hi there. I must have had this sword 15 years now lying in the corner of my collecting room & have never really known much about it. To me half the fun is the research but I must admit to going around in circles with this! It appears to be a Napoleonic era 1796P Officers Light cavalry sword but it has a lions-head pommel & a bone handle which has confused me, it also looks like a Yeomanry Sabre. Please excuse any appearance of knowing what I am talking about so hence my request here.............what is it & does anybody have any information on the maker Smith of Glasgow(I could find nothing)? I recently visited Waterloo & Hougoumont which inspired me to look at the sword again. I have spent hours looking at a lot of the specialist sword sites without success. The blade was polished like this before I got it but luckily they left the name. Numerous scratches & evidence of planishing, it measures 30" from tip to pommel top.

Many thanks in anticipation-any info would be gratefully received






Hello again. I just went to find a section to introduce myself but couldn't so have added it to here. Please advise if this is wrong. Hi everyone my name is Rob & I live in Central France. I have collected stuff all my life & my house is somewhat like a Museum & what happens if you leave a grown man to his own devices with space. Eclectic taste but quite like WWI French Aviation stuff & Trench Art. Speak a bit of French so happy to attempt to translate for anybody.

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Welcome to the GMIC!  I'm afraid I have no words of wisdom, or any other kinf for that matter, on 'Smith of Glasgow' but it occurs to me that the sword might, instead of being Yeomanry or some other 'off make' of a standard blade, be a private purchase by patriotic citizens to present to some worthy hero.  Just a thought and those swords usually had specifics of the award engraved on the blade but... one never knows.

As to your second post, you are certainly not the only member of the GMIC whose home illlustrates the dangers of leaving adult males unsupervised and in control of various monetary resources! :)

Welsome to the GMIC!

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Hi Peter. Thanks for both replies. As for the collecting you know how it is, you get one & then another & before you know it another thing is collected. It is quite amazing what still turns up over here at the Brocantes.....................I bought a 14thC wooden door frame last year & a competitors badge & medal from the 1908 London Olympics earlier inthe Summer. IMHO a very interesting site- I am slowly working my way through the archives. I read that you took part in a re enactment at Waterloo. I had never been before & have to say I was mesemerised by the whole place. I had loads of time so visited Wellington & Napoleons HQ's as well as stopping at La Haye Sainte. Bien cordialement Rob

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