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Years ago I trained as an infantry SF, 7.62mm GPMG gunner, qualifying as “Skilled”. Sadly after I completed the training but before I could take up the role within my unit, I transferred to a company that did not have an SF-role and no badge denoting this skill was ever sent to me.

Once in a while I have attempted researching this but have found no such British Army badge; does/ did it ever exist? If so, can anyone please send me an image/ reference etc..?

Many thanks in advance. 


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Hello and welcome to the Forum,

Completed a SF Course myself in 1985 and wasn't aware that a Qualification Badge for this existed.  Certainly never saw one or ever heard one mentioned. Did you complete the course internally in Unit or was it an external Course.

Can only speak for the Household Division during my Service time (80 to 92) but would say this Badge didn't exist then, mind you having gained a Distinguished pass on the Infantry SAA Course at Aldershot I was issued with a Crossed Rifles badge to wear above the chevrons but on returning to Battalion was told that it wasn't to worn!

Regards Simon.

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Hi Simon

Thanks for your greeting and your rapid response. The SF course was done within my unit (Queen’s Regiment) in 1989.

Best regards 


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My Course was within Unit too, not sure there was an Army wide external course at that time, not sure if there is now. 

A good course as I remember, though lugging that SF tripod about along with all the extra ammunition...............completed my Course in the Falklands just to add that bit of extra hardship:D


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