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Morar Andrei

Romanian equipment in summer of 1917

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After the French Military Mission in Romania from the winter and spring if 1917, the Romanian Army got modern equipment from the French and the British (modern planes, modern artilery, Lewis, Chachaut and Vickers machineguns, armored cars). But I want to know, what kind of airplanes and armoured cars did Romania use during that year? I have abit of an idea about some planes and an Austin armored car from 3rd series, but I want to find out more.










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Morar Andrei : At last i discovered a photo of a Romanian Army armored car during WW1 . Its a French one . A Peugeot or perhaps a Mors . take a look at : Only Romania . com 2013 01 Romanian Army in ww1 photos I .

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Perhaps ,but both types of Renault Armored car used the characteristic low engine bonnet of Renault 

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