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Russian cosack uniform

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I found interesting aquarelle from done by Russian emigrant Grigoriy Ivanovic Samoylov, who lived in Kingdom Yugoslavia after revolution. It shows cossack in uniform on horse. Does anyone recognise uniform and polk which uniform belongs? Is this scene from the revolution, ww1 or earlier? Any info would be welcome





Артист: Григории Иванович Самоилов

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Quite interesting.... and strange... :) You see, the text in Russian is the quote from a poem written by Vasily Lebedev-Kumach in 1937.

The quote means:
"Don't touch us - we don't touch you.
If you do - we give no quarter!

But then the quote is signed "From Budyonny marching song". But the Budyonny march, which was written on and after 1920, does not have these words.

Is there a star on the cossack's hat??? But of white color? Or it was red, but later washed off, as it is possible with water colors?

I think, the pencil inscription in the bottom is in Serbian, right? What does it exactly read? I understand but not good enough.




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Артист: Григории Иванович Самоилов


hi egorka, you are right very interesting, i looked hat closely, looks like star by shape  but its not, also its not washed, inscription with pencil is in serbian and it says " to Mile (name) for the memory on , than lower i cant read exactly because of border of frame but it looks like war (рат- serbian воина). I would say dthat all this togethwr with budoni march is some later inscription. I will open frame and see more exactly. Pls could you try to read on wikipedia about grigorije samojlov. He was cosack, emigrant, finished architecture, in ww2 as member of Yugoslavian royalist army in german camp, than he returned to yugoslavia. Before ww2 he made projected russian emigrants chapel , than projected several churches even in camp he made church with ikonostas which is now protected by unesco. I doubt that this work is some cosack before ww2, but  when  he returned he was maybe afraid of communists and added this lebedev kumach text, and inscription in serbian with pencil!? Really strange. Maybe pencil inscription is not his. Later when ww2 finished he started to work on руски дом , in cimmunist period soviet cultural centre and he was the author of soviet amblem which is put in communist period. Also after ww2 he continued to work on big projects , like building of techincal faculties etc. He was clearly anti comunist but after ww2 he started to cooperate and he lived in yugoslavia without problems ( contrary to many other russian emigrants). I ll open the frame and tell you tomorrow whats the exact pencil inscription. But everything is very strange, best




born in Tangarog in rich cosack family on the coast of Azov see

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Well i couldnt resist not to correct history unjustice and make small improvements.... I am sure that now this painting is finally finish according to Grigorii Ivanovich Samoilov real will,  which is to give tribute to his ancestors, family and great heroes of  Russian Imperial White army. No more dilemmas.


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