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Research on career of Hugo Oster Oberst (E), born 1st of october 1882

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Dear forumites,

I am trying to get more information about the above-mentioned officer. this is all I could find on him:

Oberst (E) on 01.05.1934,  Hugo Oster born 01.10.1882, commanding officer of WBK Gelsenkirchen (what is that???)

Apparently he served in WW2 as a commander of a POW camp (OFlag) for high ranking officers (mainly Polish officers), but there's no confirmation.

It is possible that this bar below was his, but there are no pictures or other solid evidence to confirm that also (see: thread on the WAF discussed by poor Rick L. among the others).

Moreover there's a very interesting short Bavarian TV produced documentary about the POW camp.

Any additional info (like date of promotions, dates of his orders and decorations bestowal, place of residence, date of death, etc.) it's most appreciated! :thumbup:






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WBK = Wehr-Bezirkskommando

as he was given the FA-Kreuz, 2. Kl. from the Großherzogtum Oldenburg and the Hanseatic-Cross from Hamburg, he probably served with one of the troops stationed there, or he came from there. As he was also awarded the Silesian Eagle he was engaged in the fights on the Eastern border of Germany shortly after the war with Freikorps units.

But you probably know all that because you seem to have posted the same bar at the Wehrmacht-awards forum 7 years ago where Rick Research and others were involved in attributing the bar to a person and offered parts of his biography?:



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Hi Grey!

Thanks for your additional info:

WBK Gelsenkirchen

I posted also the WAF’s thread in my previous initial message; the info I’m still looking are more specific (see the end of my message).

Thanks anyway.


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Hi Claudio,

missed th link in #1. Sorry.

I checked all Oster in the Ehrenrangliste and to me the candidate singled out in the Awards Forum (Seebataillon) seems very likely, not alone because of the Hanseatic Cross and the FA medal. During the time he was at the WBK Gelsenkirchen he had a son named Wolfgang who served in the navy during WW2 and an unnamed sister. The father was transferred to Berlin apparently. You´ll find a photo of him here (scroll way down).




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Claudio, The bar is unique enough for a solid ID and if Rick did you can rest assured it is correct.

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Hi Paul,

Yes, I know... ;-) I just wanted to know more about the Hugo Oster... I can't find anything about him! I was just curious about his career and especially about the POW camp for officers (OFlag VII A Murnau), he very likely commanded in WW2 (see also : https://forum.axishistory.com/viewtopic.php?t=218675 )

Here there's an interesting article about the discovery of pictures of that OFlag and its stories... Deutschland 1945: Spektakuläre Lager-Bilder (Artikel Merkur.de)

Also this article is quite interesting: BSZ 24.07.2015

Some E officers are really very elusive... :(





From this website (German Camps –British & Commonwealth Prisoners of war 1939-45)


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Here is Hugo Oster's military career



Hugo Oster  (01.10.1882-??)

1959     wohnt noch in Gelsenkirchen

1951     Ob. Std. R. a.D., Gelsenkirchen, Sellmannshof 11

1942-1944     Komdt. d. Oflag VII A

12.10.37-1939     Kom. d. Wehrbez. Gelsenkirchen (als Oberst(E) 01-05-34 (2)

1935-1936     Komdt. d. Tr.Üb.Pl. Stablack

1934     b. St. d. 15. Inf. R.

01.04.31-1933     Kom. d. Ausb./4. Inf. R.  (Neustettin)

1930-01.04.31     b. St. I./6. Inf. R.

1929     Lehr. an d. Inf. Schule

1928     b. St. III./16. Inf. R.

1925-1927     Chef 12./16. Inf. R.

1924     b. St. III./16. Inf. R.

15.09.22-1923     Adj. d. Inf. Sch. Abtl. I München

01.08.21-15.09.22     b. St. d. Reichsw. Inf. R. 3 (Deutsch-Eylau)

01.10.20-01.08.21     Komp. Chef im Reichs. Inf. R. 3 (Marienburg)

13.07.19-01.10.20     Adj. d. Instr. Führers Reichw. Brig. 32

10.03.19-12.07.19     Adj. d. gem. 22. Inf. Brig. (Grenzschutz Ost)

10.03.19     z. Inf. R. 68 vers.

19.06.18  PHOvH3mSchw

23.01.18-21.09.18     Kom. d. Batls. Brügge im Matrosen R. 5

03.06.17-22.01.18     Leiter d. Komp. Führer Kurse d. Marine K.

20.03.17-02.06.17     Lehrer d. Komp. Führer Kurse b. Sturm B. 1

28.01.17-19.03.17     Komp. Führ. i. Ers. Dep. d. Marine K.

[22.10.16     EKI]

05.05.16-27.01.17      Komp. Führ. i. 2. Mar. Inf. R.

04.06.15-04.05.16     Adj. d. 3. Matr. Brig.

10.02.15-03.06.15     Adj. d. 1. Matr. R.

[03.10.14     EKII für Antwerpen]

15.09.14-09.02.15      Adj. d. 2. Matr. Art. R.

02.08.14-02.09.14     Adj. d. II. Stamm See B.

01.10.13-31.07.14     k.z. Seminar f. orient. Sprachen v. III. Stamm See B.

10.08.12     in I. See B.

[01.10.10-01.11.10     k.z.Gew. Fabr. Erfurt]

01.03.10-10.08.12     Adj. II./Inf. R. 68  (Coblenz)

15.11.04     Leutn. m. Patent vom 18.10.04

19.02.04     Fähnr.

03.07.03     als Fahnenj. in Inf. R. 68 eingetr.

01.10.82     in Elberfeld geb., Vater Notar, Mutter geb. Ossendorff

Gen.Maj.  ?????

Oberst  01-05-34 (8)

Oberstlt.  01-02-32 (16)

Major    01-01-28 (5)

Hptm.   22-03-15 X18x (3)

Oberlt.  18-10-13 E4e1

Leutn.   18-10-04 G13




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Wooooooooooooooooooow!!!!! :o:speechless::cheers::rolleyes: no more? Just joking.... thanks a bunch!!!! Now I have pretty enough... interesting the assessment of his superiors, the data on almost all the orders he got....  and also a picture! 

From very little now we know quite a lot of this E officer... 

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