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Damn.... When I buy a re searchable item I never start the research until I have the item in my hand... otherwise my superstition says it will get lost in the post....

Last week I just confirmed a few points on ancestry before buying an item, but did not download anything to avoid jinxing it.

Now I have the item, and my ancestry access no longer works!!!! :-)

If anyone has access, can you please tell me when Franz Schuegraf was wounded? I think it was sometime in November 1917....



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there are several listings of him.
He was woundet 11. Aug. 1917. Schrapnellsteckschuß Oberschenkel. One list says left leg, the other list says right leg.
He was awarded with the Edelweiss, but no comment about the ring.
regards Andreas

Schuegraf_Franz (1).jpg

Schuegraf_Franz (2).jpg

Schuegraf_Franz (3).jpg

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1 hour ago, Chris Boonzaier said:


The rings were never entered as far as I know.

Thats not right.
I have seen some in the lists.
Here one example.
Awarded in June 1918


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interesting, but I think more the exception than the rule. I am guessing maybe 1 or 2 companies used to enter them, but most did not. I have looked up 15-20 Ring wearers and none of them had the ring entered, so this is a really cool entry.

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I researched some Guys who recieved it in July 1917, no entries.

As each record was entered by the company clerks for the mans respective company, I would bet that it was dependent on the company as to whether the details were entered or not.

i.e. 1. Komp entered the rings, 2. Komp did not.

Here are a list of the officers...

In the part 2 there are 6 officers who also recieved the Manschafts ring then later recieved the officers one.


Oberst Ritter von Epp

Oblt. d. R. Buchhierl

Oblt. Schoerner

Oblt. v. Bomhard

Hptm. Frhr. v. Riedheim

Oblt. d. R. Bretschneider

Oblt. d. R. Murr

Oblt. Frhr. v. Fraunberg

Lt. Rüger

Lt. d. R. Kammerer

Hptm. Frhr. v. Bechtolsheim

Lt. Graf v. Dürckheim

Oblt. Graf v. Armansperg

Oblt. d. R. Brötz

Hptm. Frhr. v. Pranckh ++

Lt. Frhr. v. Pranckh ++

Hptm. Graf v. Bothmer

Lt. v. Stettner

Lt. Frhr. v. Godin

Lt. d. R. Dunker

Lt. d. R. Ritter v. Halt

Oblt. Graf v. Bothmer

Hptm. d. R. Herr

Lt. d. R. Petzold

Lt. d. R. Hartmann

Hptm. d. R. Frhr. V. Pechmann

Lt. März

Oblt. Frhr. v. Speidel Ant

Lt. d. R. Boehmer

Lt. d. R. Neubert

Oblt. d. R. Schumann

Lt. d. R. Meng

Lt. Frhr. v. Thüngen

Oblt. d. R. Griebenow

Lt. v. Lossow



Lt. d. R. Puhl (154)

Lt. d. R. Mitterer (1087)

Lt. d. R. Hipper

Lt. d. R. Fleischmann (743)

Lt. d. R. Dreyer

Lt. d. R. Dr. Brammertz

Lt. d. R. Harrach

Lt. d. R. Heilmann

Lt. d. R. Betz (118)

Lt. d. R. Mackh ++

Lt. d. R. Wirsing

Lt. d. R. Koeppen (255)

Lt. d. R. Dietlein(709)

Lt. d. R. Jäger W.

Lt. d. R. Streil

Lt. d. R. Mooseder

Lt. d. R. Westrum

Lt. d. R. Stumm

Lt. d. R. Send

Lt. d. R. Leberle

Lt. d. R. Breitschwerd

Lt. d. R. Borchhardt

Lt. d. R. Nissen

Lt. d. R. Bernhard

Lt. d. R. Jäger D.

Most of the Part 2 officers were previously NCOs

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