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I am doing some research on my great uncle John Murray Jackson as a result of some information received on www.thebarlow.uk.co. This entry tells me pretty much what I know of Pte  6570 Jackson who was serving in the 1st CanDiv. I'm more intrigued now about around how he got to Canada and a possible linkage with the Buffs RAOB from about 1904 as a number of things don't fit into the narrative. I'm particularly interested why he joined the 28th Perths in 1912. He was apparently at the NCH  Hamilton with people messing around with his date of Birth. 

Can anyone help please


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He joined the Canadian Expeditionary Force, 1st Battalion, on September 20th, 1914 at Valcartier Camp, Quebec.......

He is listed as previous service in the Militia, 28th (Perth) Regiment for a period of 18 Months........ 

He is listed as Killed in Action 12-3-15......

R.A.O.B. is as I am sure that you know is The Royal Andalusian Order of the Buffaloes which is a service organization......

His date of birth on his documents state:   August 15th, 1893

His service documents are located here:






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R.A.O.B  is in fact " The Royal Antedeluvian Order of Buffaloes" .

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He was a member of 'the 1st of the 1st of the 1st', a distinction also claimed by the Grenadier Coy, Royal Scots [1st Foot] in an earlier period: 1st Battalion, 1st Infantry Brigade, 1st Cdn Division.

The 1st were in trenches around Neuve Chappelle from March 7th, 1915, in support of attacks by the 4th Battalion.  german shelling caused a number of casualties of which, presumably, Jackson was one.

If you are interested, PM me and I'll send you the relevant pafes from the war diary of the 1st Bttn.


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