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I am having a great deal of trouble figuring out the unit here....

1) The Photo with the mule is labeled "Arrival Verdun June 1916" (Name Rudolf Netting)

2) The men seem to be from "11. Komp "Münzel"" (Lt. Münzel?)

3) The snow capped peaks are the "Smotrec Höhe" in the Karpathan Mountains.

4) I am assuming the smotrec ones are the end of 1916

5) They seem to have been in Italy in Jan-Feb 1918

A Wild A$$ed guess... they are 200. I.D. .... but from the uniforms not 3rd Jäger Regt?

Check out the cuffs on the dude with the Mule... looks arty? but no guns at all in any of the pics?sunk1.thumb.jpg.16ab34fd82d145c93f1d61d7d8195c3a.jpgsunk2.thumb.jpg.e84e98ce2afe15ecc67b128b360f096a.jpgsunk3.jpg.ccf173dfb838a1f039650f704ac88e51.jpgsunk4.jpg.7410d0893d7fd3ed18aae920ace799bb.jpgsunk5.jpg.186d7a3e6cc2e90f40895acb4437bcaa.jpgsunk6.jpg.b7b4046a977ae8b1765a3a1a7ad6ecdc.jpgsunk7.thumb.jpg.c5644f76abcb674a592fd8665d056f67.jpgsunk9.jpg.2da15988b21518bf048b3c3aa1e744c8.jpgsunk22.jpg.6c2a4101396a930c0f107f0d51c053be.jpgsunk33.thumb.jpg.6438d51c37f6060c62e286c8fb32c0f2.jpg

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