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Any Gent recognise these? 1077th ?

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Hi Gents

Does 1077 ring anyone's bell please?

first pic shows how I received this.

Part of a job lot of Brit stuff I assumed it was British. I thought "ive seen 1077 in some context" but then on looking I couldnt find a reference. 

With reflection I don't think likely us Brits ever 'got that high'! Maybe in wartime there was but then I would expect poor quality?

perhaps these numbers are not related at all?

Of note is the detail on each number. Hopefully that is clear to see that in the pics....

im not familiar with these but they may be common and familiar to the more informed Gents of the GMIC....

Either way i thought I'd share here



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Post them on the Police forum and see what response you get.  That would be my [off the cuff and uninfromed] guess. ;)

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