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Rusty Greaves

Question about the Order of Ismail/Nishan al-Ismail

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My understanding, at least for the UK (maximum 4 stars can be worn), is senior star at 12 o'clock and then in order of precedence/seniority at 9 o'clock, 3 o'clock and 6 o'clock. However as Fuad is not answerable to any authority he can wear them as he wishes. Farouk's stars are in order of precedence but ideally the Mohammed Ali should have been above the other two stars - but he was king........, Owain

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I have been meaning to add these images for a while - I took them when I was last back in UK.

They are of my Order of Ismail,  3rd Class,  by Bichay.  The case outside notes,  'Farouk The First',  and inside the manufacturer is stated as Tewfiq Bichay,  but the name on the reverse of the badge is Fahmy Tewfiq Bichay - the son of Tewfiq Bichay.


Egypt Ismail Bichay A.jpg

Egypt Ismail Bichay AA.jpg

Egypt Ismail Bichay B.jpg

Egypt Ismail Bichay BB.jpg

Egypt Ismail Bichay C.jpg

Egypt Ismail Bichay CC.jpg

Egypt Ismail Bichay CCC.jpg

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Posted (edited)

Most interesting Ismail ribbon in your post 27 example, Owain!  Fahmy probably mentioned to you the difficulty in securing some materials and then importing them into Egypt, especially in 1940-44 and 1953-'59.   He told me that ribbons and fittings like the metal swivels for attaching badges to sashes provided the most difficulty and that his staff developed work-arounds. 

I have maybe two Ismail neck badges with the same type cravat ribbon as yours.  These appear to be of different than usual color hues, slightly narrower widths and tie strings lack the red stripe.   This evidence may lead to establishing a contemporary 'type two' Ismail ribbon variety [as opposed to later 'close enough' ribbon replacements].   To date, I've seen no other ribbon widths in these hues. 


The 2nd class neck ribbon in Rusty's post 4 above seems different from both this type and the more usual one.  Perhaps it represents yet another 'material scarcity' substitute or a 'close enough' replacement.

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Owain, many thanks of the wonderful images of this example of the Order of Ismail. It is great to have your documentation of the case labelling and high resolution image of the hallmark of Fahmy Tewfick Bichay (my post of 4 December 2017 has a lower resolution image of this hallmark). I am very interested in 922f's point about shortages of ribbons dyed in appropriate colors, in this case for the 1940-44 period. I'm not sure whether the colors in the picture you reference of the Grand Officer Class that I posted on 13 November, 2017 (6th photo) may represent a similar dye discrepancy. Some other aspects of the blue enamel color and possibly the green of the wreath in this photo make me think there may be a color shift in the image, rather than significant variation in the actual piece as appears with both the blue & red (pink) of the ribbon on the example in Owain's recent contribution of April 5. I have not seen other examples of those color differences in internet images of these awards. Very interesting and important point you make about potential scarcity from a discussion with Fahmy Tewfick Bichay, fascinating! 

I'm including 2 images below from Pinterest boards (identified as Grand Officer Class awards) that are very high resolution and particularly good for providing details on the engraving in the gold ornamentation of the arms of the stars in the blue enameled rays for both the chest star and neck badge. In Owain's example above of the April 5, there is no engraving on this gold ornamentation. The resolution of other internet images I have seen of the Commander Class is not good enough to tell whether other examples may lack that engraving. Several photos of 4th Class (Officer) medals are good enough to show the 3-D engraving of this ornamentation is present on most examples I have seen on the internet. Could this also be a variant because it is a casting by Fahmy Tewfick Bichay and not from from Lattes or Tewfick Bichay, or the time period? The wreath on Owain's Commander badge also shows some differences from other examples; all aspects of the wreath, the gold dots (blossoms or fruit?), and the red bands with gold borders all are less detailed than on other examples by Lattes & Tewfick Bichay. The ball finials at the end of each arm also are flatter and have smaller areas of enamel than seen in other images of the neck badge. The examples in my illustration from 4 December 2017 by Fahmy Tewfick Bichay also appear to show this same lack of detail in these design elements, although the photos are not high resolution. In those photos, the chest star also appears to lack the engraving on the gold ornamentation, as well as some difference in the details of the wreath (and these are identified as Grand Officer regalia). 

Order of Ismail GO Class neck badge.jpg

High resolution image of the neck badge of the Grand Officer Class of the Order of Ismail. This image shows the 3-D details of the engraviging on the gold ornametaion of the arms of the star better than most other photographs I have seen. From Charles Huggins Pinterest board: Flags of the past. (https://www.pinterest.com/pin/298433912792222444/)

Order of Ismail GO class copy.jpg

High resolution image of the chest star of the Grand Officer Class of the Order of Ismail. This image shows the 3-D details of the engraviging on the gold ornametaion of the enameled arms of the star better than most other photographs I have seen. From Worldantiques Antiques Pinterest site The Khedives of Egypt (https://www.pinterest.com/pin/7881368074139698/)

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