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Double Order of Glory Group to IL-2 Shturmovik Aerial Gunner

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  Currently available at auction in the former Soyuz.  Order of Glory awards to aviation personnel tend to command a premium - even more so in cases of double awards let alone those to Full Cavaliers.  

  Senior Sergeant N. Ya. Pavlenko was an IL-2 Shturmovik aerial gunner.  He was awarded the OPWII, OGII and OGIII.  He was credited with two confirmed shoot downs - a Fw-190 (cited in his OGIII recommendation) and a Me-109 (cited in his OPWII recommendation).  He flew with the 637th Assault (Ground-attack) Aviation Regiment, 227th Assault Aviation Division. 

  The current high bid for this low serial number set is approximately $675.00.



Av OKa.jpg

Av OK.jpg

OGII Av.jpg

OGII Ava.jpg

OGIII Av.jpg

OGIII Ava.jpg

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the OG III  was issued as part of a  block of 500 OG III  (Number range 401 - 500; 3001 - 3400) to the Independent Coastal Army on the 07 Feb 1944 and was Issued to Major P.F. Sukho

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