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Imperial navy buttons and more....

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Hi Gents

I hope you may add to this because these are all I have for now so please add your own 'anything' if you want...

i know you Gents love your KM....


I received some goodies today.

Goodies pictured are all from the same seller. but they were not identified for their sale.( She's too busy! ) and I have bought them separately amongst many things over a period of time.

total cost £23 including post.


The buttons are Kuk Navy? I'm pretty sure

the 'collar tabs' ? Possibly AH surely? Or Brit RN?

Shoulder Tab? Same trim as the collar so possibly?


**** posted before I was ready so editing quickly! but here goes ****




curious for your thoughts Gents....




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Hi Gents

these as well from same source....


but the reverse is not cloth backed so not as old I guess.....



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