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Bulgarian St Alexander Grand Cross badge?

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Hi Igor

I am not sure about the post i suppose it is because of the front of the box and the form of the crown


Here is a similar box for the 3rd Class of the Order of St Alexander





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Yes Graf :beer: 

These boxes are similar ! :) 



On 29 בנובמבר 2017 at 19:38, ilieff said:

Hi all,

I hope it's not too off-topic but I wanted to contribute a little bit more to the discussion about crown variations...

I came across this interesting letter (unfortunately, only a screengrab, as it was part of a video) which has been sent to prime-minister Stambolov, asking him to approve the new design of the 100 Leva gold coin. In the letter the unknown bureaucrat complains that the Prince (Ferdinand I) has 'yet again changed the shape of the crown'.

He writes: 'Two years ago, it used to be like so [first icon from the letter], then it became [second icon], later it changed to [third icon] and now it's [fourth icon]' [...] and then gives some further details.

This is a fairly informal letter and not directly linked to phaleristics, but it clearly shows that the frequent experiments with the appearance of the Bulgarian crown which have been initiated about 1890 and, for a brief period, there have been many iterations, most of which (if not all) have been directly influenced by the Monarch. 

And just for visual reference, here's the final result of the 1894 golden coin:







Coin from 1894 , but we have phaleristic Item from 1893 year 

( I have only picture :( ) 



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