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Lancashire Constabulary Shell Dressing First Aid Kit

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Came across this recently and although not an uncommon item I thought I would post these images as to a certain extent they illustrate the dangers involved on the Home Front during World War 2.



The inside contains a shell dressing and a bandage,



Not much if you were first on the scene of an air raid or similar but better than nothing.



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Indeed, the thing that struck me was that it has no belt loops but does not appear to have been for a  vehicle, a tin or box being much more appropriate. I just wonder how you carried such a thing, a tunic pocket would not really do the job so perhaps designed by someone who never had to use it!

Regards Simon,

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Nothing new there then, history continues to repeat itself. I’m sure if you spoke to many serving officers, they’d have gripes about some of the kit issued to them now ;)

Still it really is in lovely condition & nice to see something different in a collection. Thank you. 

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