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Serbian M1896 Cockade - Original or Fake?

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A fellow collector asked me to open this topic, what do you think? Original piece or not?
All comments are more than welcome.

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Monogram under magnifying glass.

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Very interesting and actual topic Paja. I can add an opinion / gossip that majority of cockades of Kingdom of Serbia and Yugoslavia/SHS are newly produced in Zagreb, that some well known names and even bookwriters  on military topics are involved. I am pretty much sure that you heard this story too. All those newly made cockades are excellently produced so it is allmost imposible to notice the difference between them and the old ones. 

I also saw same question and discussion on one other serbian militaria forum about this same cockade. I can add that one of the discutants there is a person involved in production  and distribution of those  new ones, as i heard.

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