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Searching for Medals and Orders Awards.

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Good morning gentlemen....

I'm working on my book about japanese Medals and Orders, but I'm encountering some difficulties to find good scans of some paper awards...

So, I'm looking for owners or collector who can help me to find good images of their awards to publish on my book.

I'm interested to paper awards for 1874 war medal, most of commemorative medals, Order of Chrisantemum, Pawlounia Flowers, Sacred Crown (does not matter which Class).

Also some Manchukuo awards will be really welcome...

As obvious, ALL contributors will be credited as owner (or simply contributors if papers will be found in public domain) in both italian and english versions of book.

Thanx in advance for your help !


PS : If you can, please  specify the real dimensions of awards in cm.


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Hi Danny

Do you know about the japanese war dead awards of 1964-1967 some 698000 were awarded with medals and documents.


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