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I have been looking for the records of "Infanterist Schmidhuber" who served in the bavarian Leibregiment from 1911-1913... I have checked men born between 1887-1893 ... no hits (taht I could find) for a Schmidhuber born within that timeframe, serving in WW1, who had service in the Leib Regiment 1911-13..... I think after 1893 would be a waste of time.... but how far can I go backwards? Waht ywould be a realistic maximum age for service?



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Hello Chris,
do you have more informations abou him?
Normally, the entry age was 20 years.
Schmidhuber is a common name in Bavaria, so there will be hundreds of lists.

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Damn... I have checked every Schmidhuber in every branch of service 1914-18 born from 1885-1893... By coincidence, I have the company photo of the 7th compny 1909-1911.. instead of the 1911-1913... so he is not on it.

There are 2 possibilities...

1) He did not serve in WW1

2) they made a transcription error and he is listed under something like Dghmidhuber, some of the entries in ancestry are really bad :-(

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