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Permit to a Belgian soldier in kriegsgefangenenlager Soltau

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Here is a little find from a few weeks ago. It's a permit given to a Belgian soldier to go from 1 part of the lager to another part without any armed guard. It might be just a little piece of paper and not in the best condition but i can't imagine there were alot of these given to prisoners of war.

I've placed a piece of paper over the soldiers name because they still have to empty the house and if the shed was an indication, there will be alot more militaria to be found. In the past months i've bought a Belgian shako, a Belgian adrian, a m16 camo and a bunch of ww2 stuf which i've sold already.(almost everything was in great condition)

Here's the link to the m16 camo:

From that household, the father (colonel) and 2 sons were in the Belgian army during ww1. One of the sons was taken captive in 1914 and spend the rest of the war in captivity. There are atleast 300 letters written by both sons to their relatives, 4 Belgian gazettes which were published by the Belgians prisoners in Soltau and alot more papers dating from 1600 to 1950.

During ww2, the son of the person on the permit fled to England during the German invasion of Belgium and became a spitfire pilot. Even his uniform and flightsuit was discovered in the shed.

At the moment i'm trying to get atleast all the papers from ww1, i especially want the letters and the gazettes but at the moment he wants to sell the 3 bananaboxes full with papers together for a high sum.

I hope i can show you more stuff soon as the negotiations are still going on.



belg pas soltau 001.jpg

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