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Hello to everyone. I am new to the forum and find the posts fascinating. I have been searching for many years for any early DKiG. I have found this example this week and would like to get any thoughts you guys may have about it. More photos to follow.





Trying to load more pictures but unable to do so, sorry










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This looks like an early 1st pattern DKiG from the maker Deschler & Sohn.  The hinge plate and catch look to be somewhat different from others I've seen, but that having been said it would seem that there are slight differences in the reverse setup, on this type of cross, that are accepted as original.

Let us hope that the more experienced  DKiG collectors out there will be able to give a better assessment.

If it turns out to be an original 1st pattern 10 rivet Deschler & Sohn then you have an extremely rare piece. 

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Thank you for your response John. I have had the chance today and compared the rear with an early Deschler 6 rivet and the reverse set up is identical. I have also looked at the book by Dietrich Maerz and compared it to examples published. So far I am quite hopeful. 

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