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Morar Andrei

23rd Honved Infantry Division

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23.Honvéd-Infanterie-Division (Division captured at Przemyśl)


Arpád Tamásy von Fogaras

 - Aug 14 - Sept 14 Heinrich Daempf   

- Sept 14 - Mar 15  Arpád Tamásy von Fogaras


Order of battle of the 3rd Army August 1914:
- Army: 3rd Army
- XI Corps: 30th Infantry Division
- XIV Corps: 3rd Infantry Division, 8th Infantry Division, 44th Landwehr Infantry Division
- (Subordonated to HQ): 41st Honved Infantry Division, 23rd Honved Infantry Division, 4th Cavalry Division, 2nd Cavalry Division, 11th Honoved Cavalry Division

Did the 23rd Honved really fall prisoner at Przemyśl?

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Yes, that's correct. The whole division was captured at Przemysl. The four honvéd infantry regiment (Nr. 2., 5., 7. and 8.) was not reestablished at home, instead new regiments were formed with numbers above 300.

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Very interesting indeed. But what happened to the members of the regiment after that? Since many of its members (aproximatly 60% were romanians), and the russians eliberated some Autro-Hungarian POWs to the Romanian Army, is that possible that thei have returned to their country after 1916 or 1917? Thank you again!

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