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Please ID Medals Schaumburg-Lippe Bückeburg Kuhlgath

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Good evening Gentlemen,

I got this photo lately. It shows Mr and Mrs Kuhlgath of Bückeburg or thereabouts on the occasion of their silver jubilee. As Bückeburg was a city of the state of Schaumburg-Lippe I suppose he is wearing medals of this state. Could anybody please help identify the medals and maybe even the gentleman in question, Mr. Kuhlgath?

Thanks a lot!



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Top Neck decoration, Lippe-Detmold Cross of Honour Commander 3rd Class, Civil

Lower Neck Cross, Saxe-Weimar, Order of the White Falcon Commander class

Breast Medal as for top Neck decoration, difficult to determine class


Hope this helps, others may elaborate




Alex K

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Konsistorialrat Wilhelm Kuhlgatz got besides the Schaumburg-Lippe Ehrenkreuz 2. Klasse and the Sachsen-Weimar Falkenorden Komturkreuz the until 1890 from the principalities Lippe-Detmold and Schaumburg-Lippe (conjointly awarded) Ehrenkreuz 4. Klasse.

ordensalmanach 1904.5.JPG

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Hi Alex K and Komtur,

thank you very much for your help, much appreciated!

I have done some digging and found out the following:

Wilhelm Kuhlgatz was promoted to DD after his studies at the University of Jena in 1868 with his thesis on:

Quid veteres literaeque sanctae de surdis mutisque existimaverint, disseritur.

He was married to Klara, nee Sauerwein, * 21.2.1846, sister of  Georg Sauerwein, the polyglot  language exepert in Germany at that time.

They had at least three sons:

Wilhelm (Diss Kiel prob. MD, 1915);  Ludwig Pastor *21.1.1887 and Oskar *7th Oct.1880 in Bückeburg, died 30th Oct. 1952 in Göttingen. He was a writer with a less than straight CV, as it seems. He was Oberleutnant in WW1 and participa ted in the fights in Kurland 1919 about which he wrote a book Fahrten und Fechten in Kurland 1919. He seems to have started out as Einjährig Freiwiliger in the Jägerbataillon 4. Funnily enough not at the Jägerbataillon 7 which was based in Bückeburg.

His father was (Landes)Superintendent of Schaumburg-Lippe from 1895-1907 and therefore Konsistorialrat, a rank given to people in the highest church council on state level.

Landes-Superintendent would roughly translate to protestant bishop of that diocese.

As the photo was taken on their 25th wedding anniversary and he is wearing the Ehrenkreuz 4. Klasse I´d date the photo around 1895.


Thanks again,


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Hmmm, strange guy...I can only find his SLH3, but in the Detmold rolls he is not listed at all...

Kuhlgatz wears on the picture clearly Schaumburg-Lippe house-order 2nd class and Lippe-Detmold house-order 4th class.




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