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Venezuela Order of the Bust of Bolivar - Question

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Since we are awaiting information from Michael on rosettes for the Orden del Libertador (there are apparently new details of the ribbon bars on the Condecoraciones de Venezuela website, but they all illustrate miniature badge devices for the Gran Collar, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd classes and a rosette only for the bar of the 4th class, with a plain tricolored ribbon bar for the 5th class), I thought I would add these additional images of rosettes (to complement what Uwe contributed on 10 February, and mine from 12, February) that I came across recently from a frontiernet.net sales catalog of rosettes from 25 December, 2013, updated and © by Eric Bush on 28 February, 2014 (http://www.frontiernet.net/~jackiebush/Rosette/New Folder/new_additions.html). I'm afraid these reiterate a bit of ambiguity about rosettes.  


Venezuela clutch-back (CB) rosettes for the Orden del Liberator from 2013 sales catalog of frontiernet.net. The additional devices on the rosettes we've been calling "bands" are here identified as "wings". Rather than silver (3rd class according to the Wikipedia guide Uwe illustrated on 10 February), the 2 center variants are identified as white. The guide I illustrated on 12 February may show white as the band for the 4th class rosette. Can anyone explain the use of the variant double bordered rosette shown above 2nd from R? 


Venezuela buttonhole (BH) rosettes for the Orden del Libertador from 2013 sales catalog of frontiernet.net. This version appears to identify a silver band on the center rosette, and the gold band 2nd from R, that is double bordered rosette. Any suggestions about the color scheme for the "early" version on the far R?


Venezuela ribbon bar rosettes with string on back to mount on ribbon bars for the Orden del Libertador from 2013 sales catalog of frontiernet.net, again showing a double bordered rosette at L. 


Rosettes for the Orden del Libertador from Index of /~jackiebush/Rosette/Blue (http://www.frontiernet.net/~jackiebush/Rosette/Blue/V_OOL_Rosette4.jpg). They appear to show upper L = 1st class (gold band); upper R = 3rd class in a double bordered rosette version (white or silver band?; or silver & gold band? = 2nd class?); lower L = 3rd class (silver  or white band?); and 4th class (rosette without band), following the Wikipedia ribbon guide provided by Uwe on 10 February. There are a couple illustrations of individual rosettes that may have silver bands (appearing more silver than the "white" of lower L and upper R rosettes shown here) from this index as well, but as single photos, they have minimal info to be useful in providing  a guide to rosette forms. 

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Hello friends
Sorry for the delay in answering but I’ve been traveling a lot lately for work. Regarding the ribbon bars there have been a lot of confusion.
The Order was created in 1881 comprising:
•    Medal (single version for all classes) 
•    Breast Star (two version, one for 1st and 2nd and other for 3rd class)
•    Rosette (single version for all classes)
The first big reform was in 1922, and among the modifications we can found:
•    Introduction of the Collar
•    Enlarge the diameter of the medal from 35mm to 52mm
•    A different Breast Star for each of the first 3 classes 
•    Introduction of a unique ribbon bar for each class (according to the image)
But no reference was included regarding the Rosette since a single version (same design) remain for all classes and even though was quite common to find them, no reference on the Miniature and its characteristics was introduced in the regulation.
it would not be until 2006 that the order was again reform and for the first time in more than a 100 year that the miniature was include together with separate version for rosette according to each class. This absence of regulation, during that much time made that the definition of the designs for the rosettes and miniatures was up to the criteria of the manufacturers resulting is a great deal of versions and that’s the reason for the confusion, but this how it supposed to be:


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