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Gerard Auckram

Help needed to put Fallschirmjager Tunic together.

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Hi guys I've brought a stripped down tunic recently and want to reconstruct. I need advice on collar tabs, shoulder boards, ribbon board, awards, buttons, breast eagle, cuff title (one each side). The eagle and buttons are ones I already have. Should the buttons be silver? Let me know your thoughts. Gerard






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Just a update. I’ve added buttons, Brest eagle, ribbon board and sports badge. All original items though unsure about a few of the buttons. 

Waiting on purchased collar and shoulder boards to arrive from Belgium. 


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Hello Gerard,


I would definitely change the ribbon bar. Since your man already has the Iron Cross 1939 2nd class he can't have the Iron Cross 1914 2nd class.


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Hi Uffz. Rohleder

I've changed Ribbon board as per your suggestion. The picture is updated to include collar tabs and shoulder boards also. 


Ha I still have an incorrect ribbon board on. I'll see what turns up on the interweb.  

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You need to get the officer’s braid for the collar.  You would have had better luck making an NCO or EM out of him, but if you do that you would need the waffenfarbe trim.  Your breast eagle is an enlisted one, not officer one either.  Did you see it through the liner because that is not correct? Did you blacklight and burn test the buttonhole EK ribbon?  It looks a little crisp and new; may be postwar added. I am not an expert with Luftwaffe stuff, but I would suggest that you get some reference books on the subject.

Look at these pictures.  You are going all wrong with your impression.

Look up the website therupturedduck.






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