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Cap tally of the TNA Kamina

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here is a post war Belgian cap tally of a ship who had quiet a history.

Confiscated by the Germans when in the dry dock in Antwerp and finished in Germany to become Herman Von Wissmann captured by the British it was baptized HMS Royal Harold.

And given back to Belgium end of 1952, first it was used for military transport to Belgian Congo and also brought our troops to Korea (Pusan).

TNA is french and stands for; Transport Naval Auxiliaire. It becomes a ordinary Belgian military ship in 1960. Cap tile will only mention Kamina from then on (no TNA anymore).

It was demolished in Belgium 1968.

Judging by the previous owners number the cap dates from 1957 or '58.

I have been waiting for ages to get one.




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Very nice cap! I own an original mirror that can out one of the cabins when the Kamina was scrapped.

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