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Royal Navy Ensign, Made at Mare Island (California) dated 1943

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Just picked this up.  

Royal Navy Ensign marked "Great Britain No. 2" and "Mare Island Feb 1943" on the hoist.

Flag is big (Hoist = 7.5 feet, Fly = 15 feet)

A bit tattered.  It is covered with old repairs.  

Mare Island Naval Shipyard is in Vallejo, California.  The first shipyard on the west coast it was opened until 1996.  There was a flag makers shop that produced ensigns for the US navy (and some Allied navies during WWII).  

The flag shop was staffed by 400 people and included 300 female seamstresses.  

They produced, among many others, the two flags that flew at Iwo Jima in 1945.

I have an email in with the Vallejo Naval Museum to see if they have any more information.

I believe the "No. 2" refers to the size.  They made sizes 1 - 12, #1 being the biggest and 12 being the smallest.

Among the Royal Navy ships repaired at Mare Island during the war were HMS Liverpool and HMS Orion.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.





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A very fine period example, though a bit large to display.  I have a door sized example which is just about displayable. 

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