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Commissioners Office 1887 (Jubilee Medal)

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Anyone an authority on the Commissioners Office?

Am curious to know why 75 medals where awarded to PC's in the CO and 50 to CID. I assume the CID ones would be all detectives, but what would a PC be doing within the CO. Would they have been in uniform or plain clothes. Does the Special Branch come under either of these numbers? 

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The Commissioner's Office was not just CID - for example the Post Office Directory for 1895 shows three separate parts

Executive and Statistical Dept   (CO Ex)

Public Carriage Dept and Lost Property Dept 

Criminal Investigation Dept

By 1911 the second one is shown as Public Carriage Branch (CO PCB)  - this was responsible for licencing Hackney Carriages - Taxis

So there were quite a few uniform officers in CO.

Also there were civilians employed in the Commissioner's Office and some of these also received the Police Jubilee / Coronation Medals.  Initially it was only the more senior staff but the 1902 and 1911 medals were also awarded to some lower grade staff.

There were sub divisions within the CID section but I can't tell you exactly what they all were but later they did have the CO (SB). 

Not really my best subject I'm afraid but definitely CO Div was not all detectives








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